Anesti Lazarides is co-owner, with Nik Paras, of Soma, a popular landmark on Beverly’s food-happy Cabot Street. The intimate, low-key bistro and martini bar opened downtown 12 years ago. Since then, a number of competitors have come and gone from Beverly’s lively restaurant scene.

A key to Soma’s staying power, Lazarides said, in addition to a well-seasoned staff, is a menu that offers creative dishes without mixing things up so often that regular customers can’t find their favorites.

“If something is done well, it’s worth keeping,” he said, “but we always have room on the menu for more adventurous things.”

Particular favorites these days include chicken under a brick, homemade pizza, and tuna tartare, and — from the bar — mojitos made with fresh muddled mint and espresso martinis.

By Coco McCabe and Doug Stewart
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" With a sleek, polished dining room and an inspired blend of Italian, French, and Greek styles, Soma offers delicacies including a beet-and-bean salad laced with skordalia (garlic, olive oil, and vinegar); a revolving trio of Mediterranean spreads, including red pepper-feta, olive, and chickpea; and elegant seafood."

Best of Boston Restaurant,
General Excellence, Neighborhood–North

"... flavors and textures complex and beautifully balanced...
return to Beverly for Soma's smashing take on Mediterranean cuisine."

Boston Globe